This is What Saturn In Pisces (2023-2026) Will Bring You, And Better Be Prepared

Saturn in Pisces (2023-2026)

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Saturn will enter Pisces on March 7, 2023, to stay in that sign for almost three years which has me in massive preparation mode.

When the Lord of Karma is about to ask you for accountability in some area of your life, believe me, it is better to be prepared.

It’s not to be fidgety, but the stern teacher Saturn comes to meet with the dreamy Pisces. And this is not one of the happiest combinations in the cosmos.

Saturn in Aquarius (2020-2023) was quite comfortable since it is one of the two signs it rules (along with Capricorn). And despite that, the Lord of Limits did not stop doing its thing, controlling and restricting out-of-date processes that had to be updated.

Now Saturn will enter the sign of dissolution and mysticism. But Pisces is interested in something other than following forms or sticking to rigid schedules and structures. Hence the potential for shock and conflict in the house where you have Pisces on your zodiac wheel.

Before seeing what will Saturn in Pisces bring for your rising sign, let’s review its astrological meaning.

What does the Saturn archetype represent?

Saturn has an awful press, just like Mercury retrograde. No wonder he is known as the great malefic of the zodiac.

The Saturn archetype is about time, authority, limits, and restrictions. This meaning is the part we like least about Saturn.

On the other hand, it also has to do with wisdom based on experience.

A Saturn transit can bring us down but also teach us the most valuable lessons we will learn in life.

Saturn is the planet that seeks to build a solid foundation in the place it occupies in your birth chart. Some of the functions that Saturn plays in our lives are:

  • Differentiate fantasy from reality.

  • Set healthy boundaries

  • Order the chaos and disarray

  • Develop frustration tolerance

  • Assume the responsibilities of our life

  • Acquire experience and authority in our craft or some area of our life

We all must learn to integrate our Saturn as we gain experience and maturity.

How is the energy of Pisces?

Pisces represents the energy of the emotions that connect with the collective.

Pisces’s extreme sensitivity allows you to be in tune with the identity of humanity as a collective.

The energy of the last mutable sign is overwhelming because it reaches beyond our limits through spirituality and emotions.

Meanwhile, the ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune, which precisely has to do with the dissolution of limits and spiritual transcendence.

The values of Piscean energy in its high vibration are:

  • Spirituality

  • Compassion

  • Empathy

  • Unconditional love

  • Emotions

  • Imagination

  • Elevation

  • Art and creativity

  • Mysticism

  • Magic

Instead, in its low vibration, the energy of Pisces can represent:

  • Confusion

  • Disillusion

  • Lack of limits

  • Disappointment

  • Evasion

  • Escapism

  • Addictions

Pisces energy’s karmic challenge is empathizing with others without taking on their pain.

It is also imperative that those with an abundance of Pisces energy know how to set limits and put their feet on the ground. That is, to stand in reality without losing the empathy and compassion that characterizes them.

Alright, we have clarified what Saturn and Pisces represent in their expression.

Saturn In Pisces

How to understand the transit of Saturn in Pisces 2023-2026

With Saturn in Pisces, the question is, what fantasies in your life will you be able to make come true? Or what realities will dissolve? 

We have already established that Saturn and Pisces are somehow antagonistic

The best metaphor to illustrate this antagonism is a house (Saturn) built on the sea (Pisces).

Pisces energy is abstract and needs a materializing vehicle, so this is where Saturn’s capacity for concretion comes into play.

Where Saturn is, effort and commitment will always be required.

The planet of limits in this mutable sign will allow you to put up a protective barrier so that the energy of the collective does not affect you too much.

Even so, Saturn will ask you to have compassion and empathy towards your environment, keeping control of your emotions. After all, Saturn will be in Neptune’s house and have to answer him.

Another crucial thing with this transit is to try not to fall into the savior-victim dynamic.

As I already mentioned, the transit of Saturn in Pisces will start on March 7, 2023, and will last until February 2026.

During this time, Saturn will have some retrograde periods.

First retrograde transit in the zero degrees of Pisces: June 17 to November 13, 2023.

Second retrograde transit in the 12th degree of Pisces: June 29 to November 14, 2024.

When Saturn travels through these degrees, please pay attention to what happens as it will go through them again in retrograde, activating those issues.

Retrogradations of planets are always moments when a previous situation is raised again.

Now let’s see how this transit will affect you according to your rising sign and the house where it manifests in your birth chart.

Saturn in Pisces

Aries rising – 12th House

The transit of Saturn in Pisces for you will be a period to connect with your spirituality, your personal history, and everything you keep repressed in the subconscious.

Consciousness work will be uncomfortable at times but extremely necessary for your evolution. Turn your eyes inward and delve into your past to gain a broader understanding of your emotions and purpose in this life.

This transit is also excellent for exploring and developing your artistic inclinations.

Taurus rising – 11th House

You will have the opportunity to define your membership groups and integrate more into them. You may find reliability in people like you and move away from those groups where you no longer fit in.

By setting limits, you can cope with people or situations that are too demanding.

On the other hand, make a conscious effort not to let down the people who have helped you or can continue to help you on your path. Learn to sustain your vital bonds.

Saturn in Pisces will also be an excellent period to consolidate and be consistent with your long-term projects.

Gemini Rising – 10th house

The learning of this period will take place in your professional area. Here Saturn will allow you to materialize aspects related to your career, status, and how you show yourself to the public.

You will have more dedication, discipline, and perseverance to focus on achieving your goals.

At the same time, you will be able to recognize when a project or professional ambition is no longer realistic or feasible. 

You can count on Saturn to achieve your goals, even if you have to start over from scratch.

Neptune is also in your 10th house, so be patient and self-compassionate in pursuing your ambitions.

Cancer rising – 9th house

Saturn in Pisce’s opportunity for you in this period will have to do with both physical and spiritual journeys. Plan your trips responsibly, carefully, and in advance.

The ninth house also has to do with faith, beliefs, and philosophy. If you have wanted to start higher studies, such as a master’s degree, the cosmos gives you the green light with this transit.

Saturn in this house can make you skeptical and make you doubt everything. The advice is to maintain faith in whatever motivates you and connects you to your Higher Self.

It will also be an excellent period to overcome limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck.

Leo rising – 8th house

Changes in themes of sexuality, delivery, and shared resources will be a recurring theme for you during the period of Saturn in Pisces.

It is time to review your relationship with the money of others. 

At the same time, you will have to be more careful with taxes and debts.

Avoid any unwelcome surprises by keeping your finances in order.

On the other hand, ensure intimacy and connection with your romantic partner. Are there issues within you that prevent you from giving yourself entirely in your relationship?

You will have to work on your fears and frustrations, but with the correct mindset, you will be able to face them to emerge stronger from this period.

Virgo rising – 7th house

The 7th house is your bonding zone, where you have to learn to set limits for yourself and others.

Saturn will allow you to deepen the commitments from the practical, eliminating any idealism with others.

It is an excellent opportunity to generate contractual commitments. But you may have to face a period of isolation and loneliness before creating a new and more robust social structure.

If you have to set limits in a relationship, you will be able to do so, gaining more confidence and assertiveness in the process.

As Saturn transits Pisces, try opening up more to people with a similar outlook.

Libra Rising – 6th house

This transit of Saturn in your 6th house can bring about a restructuring of your habits and routines. It is an upstanding time to start a new eating style or physical activity.

Take great care of your health, especially your feet, which are ruled by Pisces.

It would be good to avoid doing too many things since you will have to watch your energy levels with Saturn in this house.

It would be favorable to practice Neptunian activities such as meditation and swimming.

You could become more disciplined at work and gain new skills. But you may need to be careful in handling difficulties with co-workers.

Scorpio rising – 5th house

One of the best manifestations of Saturn for you in this period will be to consolidate your creative capacity. So get ready to get serious about your art, creativity, and hobbies.

You may be starting that art, painting, or writing project you’ve been putting off for so long.

Also, Saturn in the 5th house can give you more responsibilities or challenges with your children. Or you can finally decide to become a father.

On the other hand, this is the house of pleasure and joy. Having Saturn in this area can limit recreational activities and bring you frustration at times.

However, it can also be the case that you end a relationship that was not going well or seriously commit to a relationship.

You may also start an affective relationship with an older person.

Sagittarius rising – 4th house

If you are a Sagittarius ascendant, you may consolidate a home and its foundations for the future.

You may go through a period of solitude in which you will build greater inner security.

You can also allow yourself to buy or restore your home.

Therefore, the main focus of Saturn in the 4th house will be on your home or where you feel safe. However, you could also experience heavy family obligations.

The 4th house also has to do with the end of our time and retirement so these issues will be recurring for you in this period.

On the other hand, you can also have the opportunity to review your history, your roots, and what you have done with the time you have had in this world.

Capricorn rising – 3rd house

For Capricorn risings, the great theme of Saturn in Pisces will be to learn to discipline the mind and improve their communication style.

You may learn a new language or keep a personal diary of your experiences and emotions.

You can become more aware of your communication and the messages you convey to your immediate environment.

Saturn in the 3rd house can also bring you more responsibilities regarding siblings or make you set limits in your immediate environment.

It’s time to ask yourself: how do you feed your mind daily? Is it time to clean up the information you usually consume?

In this period, you can also focus on acquiring new training, teaching others, or consolidating knowledge in specific topics.

Aquarius rising – 2nd house

This will be the time to take an inventory of your material resources and your talents. What do you own that is really yours? What are the skills and resources with which you face the world?

Saturn in the second house will restructure your values, priorities, and principles. What are you prioritizing in your life?

It is time to plan, reorganize, and budget for the future.

At the same time, your financial burdens may increase, or there may be a change in your financial resources.

For this reason, you need to focus on gaining more confidence in yourself and developing new skills that allow you to face new responsibilities.

If you know how to navigate this Saturn transit wisely, you will reap excellent results in terms of your finances and resources.

Pisces rising – 1st house

Saturn in your 1st house can give you more maturity, wisdom, and tenacity.

It will be a period to redefine your identity and role within your environment and the world.

You can also become more disciplined and consistent with your actions.

However, Saturn here can be challenging as the first house represents your physical body.

You may feel older or more tired at times. But the good news is that you can also lose weight with this transit.

During this period, events may make you more responsible and serious.

The advice is to take massive action for your goals and your health.