This is how angels intervene in the lives of human beings, and it’s beautiful

How do angels intervene in human lives

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They are the true superheroes of the spiritual world in which we live. Here is everything you need to know about angels and how they intervene in human lives.

As a former member of a religious organization, I have heard many times about angels and how they intervene in human lives.

I no longer profess any religion, and I am proud to think that my relationship with God has stopped having intermediaries.

However, my curiosity and inclination toward spiritual matters are still more relevant than ever.

And precisely, the subject of angels has always intrigued and hopelessly attracted me.

How do angels intervene in human lives

Are angels real?

If so, how do angels intervene in the lives of human beings?

I want to share what I have learned both from a traditional-Christian perspective and a more New Age-esoteric perspective.

First, the concept of an angel is linked to more than just the Jewish-Christian tradition. Other religions, such as Islam, Buddhism, and esoteric currents, also refer to angelic figures.

Historians have found mentions of angels in ancient Persian and Egyptian texts and prestigious pictorial works.

In esotericism or New Age, angels are associated with protecting people, and the knowledge of these is based on stories and personal experiences.

But the most important question to ask ourselves is:

What do we know about angels?

These are some relevant data.

  • The word angel means messenger.
  • Abrahamic religions describe angelic hierarchies, which vary by religion or sect.
  • Some angels have specific names (such as Gabriel or Michael) or titles (such as Seraphim or Archangel). Those expelled from Heaven are called fallen angels, distinct from the heavenly hosts.
  • They are spiritual beings who can act as intermediaries between God and humanity.

In her book Angel Answers: What the angels can teach us about the world we live in (1998), Diana Cooper says that angels come from the heart of God and do his bidding.

Cooper also says that angels live in the seventh Heaven, another way of describing the seventh dimension.

  • Angels do not have freedom of choice. They always do the will of God; they act for the highest good; likewise, they spread love and light.
  • Angels are androgynous and beyond sexuality.
  • The erudite Christian Dionysus presented a celestial hierarchy of nine positions about 1,500 years ago. Each angelic figure has its own function.

This celestial hierarchy has the following order:

Seraph: the beings closest to God. They have a purifying fire.

Cherubim: they are associated with knowledge and intellect.

Thrones: appear in the Apocalypse as a group of elders who govern justice and peace.

Dominations: they supervise the function of the angels and hierarchies of lower celestials.

Virtues: are celestial beings responsible for performing miracles and giving signs to human beings.

Powers: help humans fight against temptation and darkness.

Principalities: they deal with the governments and empires of the earth.

Archangels: great protectors against the forces of evil. They are believed to be superior to all angels.

Angels: the group that most interacts with human beings and transmits messages between Heaven and earth.

Does this hierarchy of angels really exist? I can’t give you an answer. Nobody can. Even the most studied and erudite people on the subject can only speculate.

However, many people swear they have had personal experiences with unknown beings that appeared out of nowhere to save them from imminent harm. I personally have seen the direct intervention of my guardian angel.

How do angels intervene in the lives of human beings?

Angels act as protectors and guides of human beings.

Another way angels intervene in the life of human beings is by reminding them how to live according to their highest potential. 

They can comfort you when you’re sad, save you from danger if it’s not your time to die and make you meet the right people at the right time.

Our guardian angels’ mission is to provide comfort, guidance, and protection as we move through the stages of our lives.

Angels are celestial beings responsible for performing miracles and giving signs to human beings.

They help us fight against temptation and darkness.

Angels and other spirit guides can enter your life through synchronicities.

Each of us has at least two angels with us.

One is our guardian angel, present with us from birth to death.

The other is a guide, often an ancestor who has chosen to inspire us, help us remember our life’s purpose, and discover our gifts and talents to serve the world.

Sophy Burnham, in her book A Book of Angels (1990), writes about the experiences of George Washington and the Russian cosmonauts having angelic encounters.

In the story of George Washington, an angel saved his life by carrying him to the shore when he was drowning.

She also mentions the experience of Russian cosmonauts who saw a band of angels during a mission in space.

How do angels intervene in the life of human beings

Can we communicate with angels?

You can call your guardian angel anytime for immediate assistance, regardless of your beliefs or religious denomination.

The angels can communicate with you through numerical sequences, dreams, songs, messages in books, videos, etc.

A good advice is to learn to be present in the moment so that the messages your angels send you do not escape you because your mind is too busy.

A meditation practice can help you create space in your thoughts and thus help you communicate with your angel guide.

I really liked this excerpt from the article “6 Types of Spirit Guides & How To Communicate With Them” written by Tanya Carroll Richardson for the website:

The more you watch for signs from your guides, the more you’ll recognize the signs they send. But something else magical happens too—as your guides sense you are more aware of them and their helpful messages, they will send more.

Richardson also advises writing a letter to your angels expressing gratitude and asking for guidance for a specific situation you are going through.

Develop a regular spiritual practice (prayer, study, meditation, spending more time in nature, etc.) where you intentionally seek to communicate with your angel guide. 

Even in your thoughts, you can communicate with your angels.

You should seek the most communication with your angels or spirit guides when going through significant changes or difficult times.

They want a closer relationship with you and are always willing to help you in tough times.

In summary:

Angels are spiritual beings willing to step in to help us in our times of need; they are messengers of hope and joy.

That’s how angels intervene in human lives; I find it beautiful. Having them as a source of comfort and peace fills me with great ease. Does the same thing happen to you?