Discover the powerful influence of 2022 eclipses in your life

Powerful influence of 2022 eclipses

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Have you ever been curious to know how eclipses affect your life? It is worth understanding how these fascinating cosmic events influence the path of your evolution.

If you love astrology as much as I do, eclipses should be one of those topics that most motivate your curiosity. That’s exactly how I feel!

These astrological phenomena are incredible catalysts that can literally shake your existence and move it in a totally different direction. In other words, eclipses are fate’s favorite tool.

Every time something big happened in my life, an eclipse was always involved. Especially total solar eclipses can have powerful and moving effects on people’s lives.

It’s just a matter of paying a little attention and connecting the dots. I’m sure you will agree that some eclipse was also involved in a moment that defined the next course of your life.

What does an eclipse mean in Astrology?

Eclipses are the only astronomical events that can generate a prediction and ensure that something is going to happen in your life.

After the eclipse occurs, a six-month window opens in which we see its effects manifest.

Eclipses always occur in pairs, and it is normal for this pair to visit us twice a year.

In 2022, there will be two partial solar eclipses and two total lunar eclipses.

It is also important to note that eclipses touch two points in your birth chart (North Node and South Node), and a process will start developing in those areas of your life. This process can be external or internal.

The eclipse season typically lasts 35 days. At this time, eclipses invite us to let go of something we were very attached to and open ourselves to new proposals.

Influence of eclipses

The role of eclipses in your evolution

It is common to see that in eclipses season, relationships focused on the ego end, you are better able to break old habits, changes of residence, and other significant events in people’s lives occur.

But you have nothing to fear. Everything that comes out or ends in your life is because, in some way, it was impeding your evolution or delaying your purpose of incarnation.

In other words, what you have to let go of, you already had to let go of, and what you have to live is coming.

Of course, it is good that you know that what ends in eclipse season is definitive. And what goes away will not come back.

But what about the people who enter your life in the eclipse season?

These people become catalysts for you to “wake up” and align with your incarnation purpose.

In eclipse season, we have one or several planets passing near the North Node or the South Node; therefore, these points are constantly stimulated.

The North Node is the path to your evolution, while the South Node is that very well-known thing that you already have to let go of.

Eclipse season is a period that begins and ends with new moons.

This season is a period that undoubtedly helps you get out of the stagnation.

Letting go of the known and embracing change that leads to the unknown can cause fear and discomfort.

However, embracing the unknown is necessary to move on the path that will lead you to your personal and spiritual evolution.

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The 2022 eclipses and the Law of Abundance

The 2022 eclipses in Taurus-Scorpio will activate the Law of Abundance.

The Law of Abundance determines that there are two ways to live life: 1) From the perspective of lack, 2) From the perspective of abundance.

When you vibrate under the perspective of lack, you will always be denying and wasting your resources; you will always feel that you lack things or that what you have is not enough. The fear of losing and not having is overwhelming.

On the contrary, when you vibrate from the perspective of abundance, you will be able to value yourself and your talents. Complaints, pessimism, and scarcity mindset will disappear from your life.

You will also begin to receive what comes into your hands with gratitude. You will see riches and abundance everywhere around you.

How will the 2022 eclipses affect you?

But what area of ​​your life specifically will you find that abundance this 2022 eclipse season brings? 

In case you don’t know it yet, the ruling planet of the Taurus sign is Venus, which rules all the things that are essential to you and what you appreciate most in your life.

As for Scorpio, its ruling planet is Pluto, which always invites us to transform what is no longer helpful to us.

In this season of eclipses in Taurus, Venus wants us to adopt new paradigms and a new philosophy of life.

How are you enjoying your life? Are you taking advantage of your talents? Do you really value what you have?

Your innate talents and resources are determined by the houses where you have the sign of Taurus and the planet Venus.

So it’s essential to know your birth placements to start taking advantage of those talents.

If you don’t have your birth chart yet, you can get it free here.

Let’s see which sector of your life you have an infinite potential of resources to give and receive according to the 2022 eclipses.

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Aries-Libra Axis

If you are Aries or Libra, a new cycle is coming for you in economic terms. The potential for abundance is in your personal and shared resource zones. You also have the opportunity to achieve greater intimacy and merge emotionally with your significant one.

It is time to evaluate and value what you have and invest in yourself and your relationships to create real prosperity in your life.

Taurus-Scorpio Axis

If you are Taurus or Scorpio, eclipses will bring an opportunity to activate abundance in your relationships.

How much do you value your relationships? Are you giving yourself the respect you deserve? How much are you giving and receiving in a relationship? 

Taurus and Scorpio are signs of sensuality and pleasure, so that these themes will come into focus this year.

Gemini-Sagittarius Axis

If you are Gemini or Sagittarius, you will have the opportunity to experience restructuring in your lifestyle, routines, and health this year.

The advice is to harness the energy of the eclipses to create abundance in those areas. Also, you will have room to explore the hidden sector of your unconscious, dreams, and spirituality.

Cancer-Capricorn Axis

If you are Cancer or Capricorn, you will have the potential to manifest a new dynamic in your relationships with your children and friends.

It is a blessed time for those couples who wish to become parents.

There may also be new chances for creative projects, group activities, and vacation enjoyment.

Leo-Aquarius Axis

If you are Leo or Aquarius, your home life and professional career are the areas with the most opportunities to manifest abundance.

There may be moving or home renovations, or just enjoying family more.

You could finally begin to receive the credit you deserve at work or the green light to take your career to the next level.

Virgo-Piscis Axis

If you are a Virgo or Pisces, you may have the opportunity to travel internationally, expand your mind intellectually, or embrace new ideologies.

You could also start developing hidden talents in the area of ​​communication as well as a more extraordinary ability to share ideas and knowledge. Short trips or within the national territory are also blessed.