Powerful Productivity Hacks To Max Out Your Day

9 Powerful productivity hacks to get more done

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Do you want to know the powerful productivity hacks used by the most influential people who consistently achieve their goals? So, better keep reading.

You may be a person who knows their priorities. Maybe you’re a fan of to-do lists and use apps like Trello or Asana. Even you may have a strict schedule for all your tasks.

Still, you can’t accomplish half of what you want in a day. I know; it’s frustrating, and believe me, I’ve been there.

But don’t be too harsh on yourself. It may be necessary to make some worthwhile adjustments to boost your productivity.

I’ve gathered some of the best productivity hacks to get more done in your day.

CEOs and successful business people have popularized and shared most of these tips.

So it’s worth trying all of them until you find the ones that work for you.

Let’s dive right into these 9 powerful productivity hacks to max out your day.

What does it mean to be productive?

You may think that being productive is doing more in less time. That may be true to some extent.

However, it makes no sense to be constantly busy without having focus and intention.

To get closer to your goals, you should spend most of your time doing activities that yield relevant results.

You get more and better results when you work on the right things.

Productivity is closely linked to proper time management. Without organization and strategy, it is almost impossible to make the most of your time and be productive.

Also, you need to create your productivity system. What works for others may not work for you. Even what works for you today may not work tomorrow.

9 Powerful productivity hacks to get more done each day

Life-changing productivity hacks to max out your day

1. Have a priority list & focus on 1-3 tasks

Have you ever forgotten something important on a super busy day?

A loaded list of tasks that seem urgent can leave you feeling overwhelmed and forgetful.

Having a priority list for the day can be pretty helpful. Write a separate list of the essential activities and errands you must do during the day. 

That way, you can focus on the tasks that will lead you directly to achieving your goals. Focus on 1-3 big tasks a day.

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple list. Keeping a priority task list helps you manage your time and energy effectively, allowing you to focus on the right things.

2. Breaking down your work into baby steps

Don’t let that giant task intimidate you and make you a procrastinator.

Divide your urgent projects into simple tasks; that way carrying them out will be easier and faster.

It is much simple to move forward with small tasks, which simultaneously allows you to build momentum to keep checking activities off your list.

Besides, every time you put the word done next to a task, you feel the gratifying sensation of progressing and achieving your goals.

3. Appropriate music to work

Listening to appropriate music while working can be remarkable for your productivity. 

Some studies have shown that music at work improves your mood and causes your brain to produce more dopamine. 

In addition, listening to music can make you finish your tasks faster and have better ideas.

Try creating a playlist with music that does not distract you with lyrics, such as classical music or sounds of nature. 

I love listening to instrumental house music. It is my favorite music to work with and puts me in a creative mood.

Music for work

4. Sheer away from perfectionism

Perfectionism is a productivity mistake that I have been guilty of many times.

However, over time, I’ve realized that perfectionism is a trap. When you are a perfectionist, you can spend a lot of time polishing insignificant details. 

How can you be sure that your work is good enough

Answer the following questions in the most objective possible way:

  • 1. Am I meeting the need?
  • 2. Does the quality of my work satisfy me?
  • 3. Am I getting my message across clearly?
  • 4. Am I solving the problem the best way I can?

If you can honestly answer yes to the questions above, then it is time to move on to new tasks.

5. Take short breaks

Short breaks throughout your workday will help you clear your mind and recharge your energy for the next task.

Take the opportunity to stretch your limbs, have a snack, or rest if needed. The key here is to do something that relaxes you, not stresses you out.

Don’t spend your breaks on other tasks. Forget about multitasking. Multitasking is the enemy of productivity and can reduce it by up to 40%.

Instead, regular breaks can help you be more productive. But we’re not talking here about stopping every five minutes.

For instance, you can take 15 or 20 minutes breaks between different tasks or even through a longer and more complex project.

6. Plan your day ahead of time

When you don’t have a plan, you will probably waste time.

Productivity experts recommend setting up your schedule for the next day, the night before. 

Be as specific as you can. Write down your meetings, urgent tasks, medical appointments, etc. 

You can keep a separate list or board with your priority activities using a productivity app like Asana.

Having a schedule in advance gives you a sense of organization and control. On top of that, planning your days prevents you from wasting time guessing what you should do next.

Get used to preparing logistically and mentally in advance so that your next day is fully productive.

Powerful productivity hacks

7. Focus for 33 minutes

The famous copywriter Eugene Schwartz said that he used to turn on his timer for 33 minutes and 33 seconds. He focused on the task at hand during that time.

This hack is similar to the Pomodoro Technique, which is also an excellent tip to increase productivity.

Whether you use the Pomodoro technique or the 33-minute hack, the idea is to force your mind to focus on a task for a not-so-long time.

This productivity hack effectively divides your work into more manageable time frames. Another advantage is that you would eliminate all distractions.

Lastly, 33 minutes of focused work allows you to accomplish a meaningful task without feeling too overwhelmed.

8. Take time to keep on your lifelong education

I believe that the most productive people in the world are always willing to improve themselves to be more effective in achieving their goals.

Fortunately, today we have many means and resources to acquire education and learn new skills. Some of those resources (many of which are available for free online) include:

  • Podcast
  • E-books
  • Online courses
  • Blog posts
  • Audiobooks
  • Youtube educational videos

What do you usually do in your leisure time? Perhaps you have already realized that scrolling on social media is taking away too much valuable time.

You will become more productive when you recognize that time is a precious resource and start using it more intelligently.

9. Disconnect utterly once in a while

It’s easy to get obsessed with your goals or that business you want to build. Perhaps it is also possible that your work occupies most of your life.

However, some recent research indicates that working more than 50 hours a week can make you less productive.

Disconnecting utterly now and then is something you should include in your schedule. 

Disconnect not only allows you to recharge mentally and physically, but it will multiply your productivity.

Whatever you do just for yourself, consider it your sacred self-care time and do it regularly.

Relaxing, woman


Never stop looking for the system or productivity hacks that work best for you.

Each person has different needs and unique work and life requirements, which means that some productivity hacks will work better for some than others.

Having the right mindset is not enough to be a highly productive person. It’s also necessary to take care of your body.

Eating healthy, exercising, and getting enough rest will work wonders for your health and productivity.